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Expert lining on irrigation and attenuation lagoons

Irrigation and attenuation reservoirs and lagoons in the uk

Our expertise and 17 years of experience allows turtle productions ltd to offer knowledgeable services and linings for all types of irrigation and attenuation lagoons throughout the uk. From large scale projects such as lining a 34 million litre irrigation lagoon near stonehenge to smaller commercial tasks such as creating an attenuation pond for a housing project in enfield, our team has the skills to complete any task to a high standard. We use incredible quality materials, portable power and a range of state of the art irrigation and attenuation lagoons equipment to make your project a success.

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Ad plant digestate pond in Herefordshire

AD plant digestate pond, Herefordshire We were asked by our friends at Agri Management Solutions (AMS) of Hereford to assist them by lining this digestate lagoon for a client of theirs in Herefordshire. Their AD (anaerobic digester) plant processes food and animal waste producing biogas and liquid. Further processing of the liquid in our UV stable EPDM storage pond…

Cornish farm slurry lagoons

RELINE CORNISH FARM SLURRY LAGOONS We were commissioned by MACE Group on behalf of Cornwall County Council, working alongside CORMAC, to reline four of their estate farm slurry pits. CORMAC facilitated the draining and preparation of each lagoon, allowing us to come in and line using Firestones' 1.5mm GeoGard lining material. As this material is…

34 million litre lagoon near Stonehenge

34 million litre irrigation lagoon near Stonehenge This was the largest project in the country of 2010. We were tasked by K & A Groundworks Ltd to line a new-build part-in and part-out of the ground 100m x 80m x 6.5m deep, 34 million litre irrigation lagoon near Stonehenge. This was a zero waste project…