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Our Lighting Solutions

Illuminate the exteriors of your Ponds, Lakes and Gardens with our range of outdoor lighting installations. Turtle Productions Ltd supplies and installs garden and pond lighting fixtures throughout Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Avon, Wiltshire, Somerset and beyond.

Low voltage pond lighting

OASE Lunaqua 3 & 10 underwater lighting illuminate this waterfall.

An OASE Lunaqua 10 75-watt light with blue filter creates a striking effect with accent surround lighting.

OASE Lunaqua 10 lighting illuminate this project, including 3 green filters.

Lunaqua 3 & 10 lighting illuminate the various stages of this stream.

Low voltage integrated garden lighting

Lunaqua 10 in the pond, Lunaqua 3 around and Micromark LEDs pipe the path and lower deck.

Ring in-pond and garden lighting combine with the LEDs via an automatic sensor to transform the garden.

The addition of snowfall creates a ghostly transormation at night here.

Coupled with sensor-operated garden lighting blue LEDs creating cross-path illumination.

Low voltage deck lighting

Blue LEDs work well with hardwood, creating cross-path illumination.

White LEDs work best with softwood! These 15mm lights pipe the deck edge.

These 30mm lights make a greater statement of lighting.

15mm lights pipe the deck whilst 30mm lights accent the wall, hidden from view in a ‘shadow gap’.

Commercial Project Lighting