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Liner welding and site work

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Liner welding and site work

Whether you require liner welding services for a large pond, lake, irrigation or attenuation lagoon, the experts at Turtle Productions Ltd are here to help. We offer reliable liner welding and site work all the country.

Specialist liner welding
We recognise that water features can be unlimited in size, volume or shape. Your feature may be a large pond, series of connected ponds, a lake, irrigation lagoon or other requirements; formal or wild, public or private, commercial or domestic.
With our climate changing and water tables drying out, traditional, natural clay lined ponds are starting to fail. Owners and developers demand value for money on all remedial or new-build work and we excel at providing this specialist service whilst exceeding their expectations as a specialist sub-contractor.
Working with your team
Working in conjunction with Firestone and Gordon Low Products, we can supply and install any quantity of Firestone EDPM PondGard or GeoGard in any shape, anywhere in the country to solve your water loss or new-build requirements.
We provide our own team of employed specialist installers – all trained in the art of liner welding. We are happy to work alongside your staff/trades and contractors. We are happy to work to your requirements on any site to solve your water storage problem – whether it is new-build, restoration or emergency leak.
After much research into choices of membrane (plastic, LLDPE, HDPE, Bentonite, Butyl, EPDM), we only use the best EPDM membranes for your feature. Whilst not the cheapest, they only need installing once, should last well beyond 50 years of life, are fully UV stable and repairable – with warranty!