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We built this 50′ x 30′ pond several years ago and have regularly maintained it since. The pond is a natural pond for all forms of wildlife with a recirculating waterfall & central island. This pond forms a great centre-piece to this ideallic property, giving great foreground interest to views over Monmouthshire.

We built this beautiful local-stone edged pond in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, featuring a block-built fish pond fading out into a wildlife / regeneration zone. Rock was hand-selected and built to create a stunning waterfall whilst filtration is hidden from view with careful planting. Only 2 years old and the fish are happily breeding.

This pond was built in Gloucestershire, as part of a whole-garden landscaping project. Measuring 12′ x 10′ and limited in depth by pipes, it nestles as a quarter oval into a dry-stone walled bank with local stone and waterfall. Garden & pond lighting transform it at night whilst a wide range of aquatic plants provides year-round interest.

For koi ponds and liner welded lake installations in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Avon, Wiltshire and Somerset, get in touch with Turtle Productions Ltd. Call us on 01453 297 050