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No matter how big or small your pond is, if it leaks, it needs sorting. You can rely on Turtle Productions Ltd for first-rate pond relining and liner welding services all across Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Avon, Wiltshire, Somerset, and nationwide for large ponds or lakes.

Prompt and efficient service

We can repair or reline your pond or lake should it have become damaged or just be worn out with the minimum of fuss or inconvenience, storing your water, fish and aquatic plant stock in our tanks for the duration of the project.

We use Firestone EDPM PondGard or GeoGard rubber liners as they are expected to last over 50 years. As qualified Firestone installers, we can also warrant any repairs, should you damage them.

Bespoke box welded liners

We are also able to offer you bespoke box-welded liners to fit your pond on site. This can be from the smallest of domestic ponds to large multi-tier affairs and are constructed to fit the contours of your pond. We use Firestone EPDM liners and their jointing materials to create a unique, watertight liner that will last for years.

Experienced and qualified

Not only are we fully qualified liner welders for Firestone EPDM PondGard and GeoGard liners, we are also key installers who are recommended by Firestone. With the support of Firestone and our suppliers – Gordon Low Products, we can resolve any issues you may have with your larger pond or lake – whether it is new-build or restoration.


We have been trained by Firestone and are members of their European Preferred Partner Scheme. We only use the best EPDM membranes for your aquascape. Whilst not the cheapest, they only need installing once, should last well beyond 50 years of life, are fully UV stable and repairable – with warranty!