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Complete pond restoration services

Keep your ponds well-maintained with comprehensive restoration services from Turtle Productions Ltd. We are based in Stonehouse and serve throughout Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Avon, Wiltshire, Somerset, and nationwide for large ponds or lakes.

Restoring your pond to its former glory

We appreciate that sometimes your pond or aquascape can become a burden to maintain. As well as installing new ponds and water features, we also renovate and repair them, maintaining an ever-growing database of ponds that receive annual care from us. We’re then on-hand year-round to provide remote support or regular planned maintenance for your pond as your needs dictate.

When we come to restore your pond, our process involves surveying the pond and your needs before agreeing a written fixed-price quote and then undertaking the work. We have the equipment and manpower to save your existing pond water (vitally important for the continued health of your pond and wildlife), the muscle to clean years of debris and the expertise to put it all back looking just right. Nature then takes its course and re-establishes your beautiful pond for years to come – possibly with our ongoing maintenance support.

Our restoration services include
  1. Relining – whether it is a single sheet, multiple-sheet joined on-site (liner welding) or a box-welded liner for your koi pond.
  2. Repair or installation of equipment such as filters, pumps and hoses which are correctly specified for your pond.
  3. Design improvements to your water feature like fountains or illumination, remote control operation etc
  4. Life support systems to protect your fish while the repairs are carried out
  5. Storing up to 1000,000 litres of your pond water in our portable tanks – a must for the welfare of your fish, pond and eco system