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Pond Restorations

We restored this pond in Gloucestershire, introducing a decked jetty, filtration, circulation, minimalistic aquatic planting and grass to the edge of the pond.

This pond had overgrown and needed stripping out. The restored pond, near Bristol. is based upon symetry and the client added a gravel bottom post restoration.

Two ponds were interlinked with a stream near Worcester. Leaking, we drained, merged, relined and edged the new larger pond, adding plants and filtration.

This concrete pond near Marshfield had leaked for years. We relined it, removed some of the stone clutter, added plants and filtration.
This stream pond had silted up over the years. Natural in construction, we dredged the pond using machinery, restoring the pond to its former glory.
This PVC pond in Bristol received a new Firestone rubber liner. New rock edging blended into the surround whilst aquatic plants nad filtration completed the pond.