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Pond installations

At Turtle Productions Ltd we recognise that water features are the centre piece of a garden. Selecting the correct pond or fountain for your space is crucial in creating not only the perfect visual appeal but also a sense of tranquillity.

The complete pond specialist service

Replicating the natural beauty of a lake or pond isn’t easy but we have the experience and expertise needed to deliver exactly that.

Supplying and installing Firestone EPDM pond and lake liners of outstanding quality, we can create, line, restore and maintain any shape of pond, lake, irrigation lagoon, attenuation pond and more, nationwide, to your exact specifications.

With additional services including design, excavation, equipment-supply and accredited installation with ongoing maintenance, you can count on us for the complete on-stop-shop, turnkey solution for commercial or domestic aquascapes, both large and small.

A few of the benefits of ponds
  1. Enhances the appearance of your garden
  2. Sound (and site) of running water reduces local noise pollution
  3. They attract a large range of diverse wildlife into your garden
  4. Promotes your personal wellbeing, tranquility, respite
  5. They’re educational and provide a great hobby
Making the most of your pond – safely
We, as trained installers, can fit a pond safety system that will minimise
risk to your loved ones – without affecting the look of your beautiful
Launched in 2001, The Safapond grid system has been used extensively
throughout the UK to protect children from accidents around the garden
pond, enabling the retention and continued enjoyment of pond keeping
– now, for a new generation.

The grid fits just below the waterline to protect against accidents and
has the added benefit of keeping your fish safe from predators. See our
gallery of people ‘walking on water’.

Find out more about our pond restoration, pond relining, servicing and liner welding.

We’d be happy to talk you through everything, get your free quote today by calling us on 01453 297 050.