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If percolating water, ground-water, natural gas, rotting vegetation etc happen beneath your pond liner, you could get a phenomena called “hippoing”. This is where the gas/water can literally push the liner out of the pond. The more gas/water, the more water from within the pond you lose, and strain is put on the liner, potentially resulting in a tear. Through knowledge of the area and pre-design, we can offer solutions to mitigate this from happening. It’s also possible to retro-fit.

Blanket Weed / Algae Blooms

Excess nutrient, farm run-off and poor aeration are just a few reasons why you could suffer from blanket-weed growth or algae blooms. On large volumes of water, our floating aerators are the best way of resolving problems through better aeration of the water, creation of aerobic bacteria which consume nutrients from the water resulting in a cleaner pond/lake.

Liner Choice

Choosing cheaper PP / LLDPE / HDPE plastic or GCL clay liners ‘may’ work, if they are installed correctly. However, plastic looses its elasticity and is not UV stable whilst GCL liners are often installed incorrectly, resulting in compression failures and subsequent leaks. Our fully bonded EPDM rubber liners are fully UV stable (so can be exposed in drought / irrigation applications), fully flexible (it’s rubber!), stretch with the ground (construction failures), do not need surcharging and should exceed 50 years in life!