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At Turtle Productions Ltd we recognise that once we’ve restored or built you your new pond, it can be quite daunting to be left alone to run it. We want you to gain maximum enjoyment from pond keeping, so are always there either there at the end of a phone or e-mail, or available to visit, to help you with any difficulties. Many of our clients retain our services at least once a year to come and service their pond. A little like buying a new car which needs it’s ‘regular’ check-up, we come to you and can either maintain, or help you to maintain your own pond.

Annual pond maintenance
Our annual pond service option is favoured year-after-year by over 70% of our clients. This service involves a combination of the service components aside, as well as anything else relevant to your bespoke aquascape. For example, you may have a waterfall, fountain or pond lights that need cleaning.
Subject to the clarity of your pond water, this may need a partial change and appropriate treatment. We also carry spares and sundries which may be of interest to you – for example, nets, recommended fish foods etc. Once your pond has been serviced, we report back, help train you as necessary and provide any advice necessary to help see you through the next year.
Regular servicing
We also provide a more regular service if and as you require our help. We can service your pond monthly, bi-monthly, six-monthly, in preparation for a special event – anything or anytime you need us, you just need to call.
Our aim is that pond keeping should be a pleasure, not a chore. If that means we do the dirty work, then we’re more than pleased to help you.
Service components
  1. Lift, clean and service your pond pumps
  2. Strip and clean your filter
  3. Replace the ultra violet clarifier (UVC) tube – they last about a year so if your pond is going green, it’s a fair bet that your bulb has blown
  4. Replace the serviceable seals in your filter
  5. Remove and clean the quartz tube in your filter
  6. Net (or vacuum) dirt from your pond floor
  7. Cut back / trim / divide / reduce your aquatic plant stock
  8. Treat the fish ready for the season ahead
  9. Treat any evidence of blanket-weed
  10. Anything else that may be relevant to your specific pond

For affordable pond maintenance services in Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Avon, Wiltshire and Somerset, get in touch with Turtle Productions Ltd. Call us on 01453 297 050