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 Our Terms and Conditions 

 Additional works:
 During the course of our initial site meeting to quote for the project, a visual inspection only will have taken place. This does not involve  excavation, lifting or investigative processes other than visual. It is possible that once the work commences, additional remedial work  may be due which was not quoted for. For example, a pond edge may have collapsed requiring greater strengthening and re-building  during renovation. In the rare occasion where this occurs, our Team Leader will discuss the matter with you, agree a course of action  and cost, and ask you to sign for this additional work

  • We reserve the right to photograph the project detailed within the quotation and use the pictures in our advertising material.
  • Under no circumstances will the location or identity of your project ever be disclosed without your permission.

 Contract duration:
 Unless we are working day rate for you, our quotations anticipate the labour required for the job which is advised in days of duration  and we issue a fixed price quotation. By agreeing for us to work for you, you accept that if we over-run by virtue of under-estimating the  job, or weather delays, we will not invoice you for additional labour. Equally, you accept that if everything goes well and we finish early,  there is no discount.

 Contract terms:
 Once a contract has been signed between the client and Turtle Productions, the deposit is due and payable. A start date for this project  will be set accounting for cheque clearance time. If the client wishes to renege the contract, the following payments are due:
  • After signing the contract – the deposit is forfeited.
  • Two weeks prior to contract commencement – the whole contract becomes payable.
  • E&OE.

 Data protection:
 Any data we collect or hold regarding you, our client, is kept within Turtle Productions and is not shared or sold with anyone else unless  a warranty claim is required and you consent.

 Definition of "Our Quotation":
  • The entire document entitled "Our Quotation" is to be read and considered from cover to cover as our quotation and all pages and contents thereof relate to and form part of the quotation agreement between you (the client) and us (Turtle Productions).
  • The entire document entitled "Our Quotation" supersedes and replaces any prior oral agreements, representations or understandings between you - the client and Turtle Productions.

 Deviation of works:
 During the course of our installation works you or we may suggest “tweaks” that may improve the final appearance of the scheduled  work. You may also identify other/additional work you would like us to undertake during our time with you. If there is no monetary value  to these alterations and they are safe to undertake, our staff will be happy to discuss and undertake these amendments during the  installation work. If additional costs are required then these will be verbally agreed between you and our Site Manager, being invoiced  upon conclusion of the project.

 Upon full settlement of our invoice, Turtle Productions 12-month installation guarantees will be provided along with equipment warranty  documents.

 Hours of work:
  • Our staffs work a generic 8-hour flexi-day working from 8.15am to 4.45pm. This day starts and finishes from our place of business and this time includes travel to and from a job.
  • If we are working with you on site, we will work site hours with flexibility to work later if the weather is holding / our welding work requires it coupled with the availability of light.
  • Our working time with you on this project includes our travel time to/from Gloucestershire.
  • If we are staying away from base, for example site work or multiple-day distance work, we may stay locally overnight in a Travelodge Hotel.

 Materials & Safety:
 Please note that any materials delivered or left ‘on-site’ during the progress of this contract shall be at the Client’s risk immediately  from delivery to the site. Stacks of bricks, paving stones etc can be dangerous. Please ensure your own, and your staff’s safety, by  keeping away from stored materials on site. For your further safety, please keep staff and pets away from trenches and excavations,  machinery, tools or other equipment on site, as we can accept no responsibility for accidents.

 Our payment terms are:
  • Deposit - 1/3rd of the quotation payable in advance so we can place orders for the equipment
  • Balance – payable upon completion of the contract.
  • If payment is made later than 30 days after the completion of the contract then we reserve the right to charge you interest on the outstanding debt. This interest rate is charged at 10% above the Bank of England’s base rate.
  • If your invoice remains unpaid to the point where we need to appoint our contracted debt collectors (after 60 days), any fees incurred will be payable by yourselves (normally 10% of the debt).
  • These standard terms may be varied at any time and if any variation occurs, this will be superseded by specific details in your quotation.

 Payment - forms of:
 We accept payment in the forms of cheque, bank transfer (BACS - online banking) and Credit cards. If you choose to pay us by BACS,  we may offer a discount to your invoice, shown on your invoice.

 Planning permission:
 In certain circumstances planning permission may be required. We wish to draw your attention to this fact and advise that it is the  clients’ responsibility to check with the local planning authority if they are unsure whether planning permission is needed (&  subsequently getting it) or not. This permission may well apply to both the project and choice of materials. Any recommendation of  materials from Turtle Productions do not account for any form of interpretation of planning or building consent.

 PondGard liner welding services:
 Part of our range of services are to install bespoke, welded liners to cover larger ponds, lakes or abnormal shapes. This service will  require the on-site welding of two or more sheets of Firestone PondGard rubber liner to make a larger, single-sheet. If we are  undertaking this work for you, then unless specifically stated in our quotation, our service quoted is to simply line your prepared area  with PondGard or GeoGard liner. Our service may include pre-visit and post-visit consultations but our service does not include any  groundworks at all. Where we state:
 - "All groundworks will have been completed" - you will have dug and prepared the area to be lined, to a compacted, smooth surface.  We may inspect and confirm / advise further works prior to our installation.
 - "Work with you to ensure the anchor trenches / banks are built correctly to anchor the liner into place once installed" - this will be  instruction on how to fill any anchor trench built or the covering of any anchor shelf. You / your team of labourers' / machine operators  will complete the groundwork element of placing soil onto / into the anchor trench to pin the liner in place. We will guide and train as  appropriate.

 Price matching:
 Turtle Productions are aware of their market place, equipment costs, labour costs and those charges and services our competitors o  offer. With 14+ years of experience, we believe we offer a complete 'turn-key' package and are very happy and comfortable with our  quotation rates. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive. You can buy cheaper on the internet, if you wish to deal with  that level of service, or indeed battle with it should something go wrong. When we issue a quotation, we issue it knowing we've done  the best we can for you. Any haggling or reduction in price normally has a reflective reduction in service level. As we pride ourselves  on our service to you - before, during and after-care, please do not be offended if we decline your attempts to haggle.

 Product faults and Warranty claims:
 As re-sellers of Hozelock equipment, we honour the warranty on their behalf. Other manufactures have different conditions. In the rare  occasion a fault may occur within the manufacturers warranty period, please inform us immediately by phone. Turtle Productions staff  will discuss the fault and attempt to resolve the problem with you over the phone or, if necessary, via e-mails (if we require pictures to  assist our diagnosis). If the fault cannot be rectified by our discussion, Turtle Productions will visit you with spare equipment to inspect  and repair or replace at their discretion. The charge for a call-out or warranty claim is thus:
  • Our call-out is chargeable, irrespective of the fault. Your warranty lies with the manufacturer and not with the installation company.
  • If you have damaged the warranty equipment, and repair cost or replacement cost is chargeable
  • If the damaged equipment has failed through no fault of your own, we will replace the equipment at no charge to you, save our call-out fee as above which is and remains chargeable.

 Retention of title:
 Title to “the goods and services provided by Turtle Productions” as detailed in this quotation (hereinafter referred to as “the Goods”)  shall remain vested in Turtle Productions and shall not pass to you until the invoice for this quotation has been settled in full. Until title  to “the Goods” passes Turtle Productions and its agents and employees shall be entitled at any time and without the need to give  notice enter upon any property which “the Goods” or any part are stored, or upon which Turtle Productions reasonably believes them to  be kept and shall have authority to retake, sell or otherwise deal with and/or dispose of all or any part of “the Goods” as they see fit.

 Validity of our quotation:
 Unless it is specifically mentioned on your personal quotation, all our quotations are valid for 60 days.

 We are registered for V.A.T. and our number is 763 0200 70.

  • Turtle Productions warrants that it will use reasonable care and skill in performing the Services being quoted for to a standard which confirms to generally accepted industry standards and practices.
  • Turtle Productions offers an industry-standard 12 month warranty for its work from completed date of installation.
  • We expressly do not warrant any reports, suggestions or objectives stated in any form of communication.
  • We equally do not warrant any suggested or scheduled completion date.
  • Except in the case of death or personal injury caused by Turtle Productions' negligence, our liability under or in connection with our quotation whether arising in contract, Tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise howsoever, shall not exceed this quotation value.

 Web links:
 Our external weblinks are provided for your convenience or interest. Those sites are not under our control nor are maintained by us.  Please note we are neither responsible for nor take and responsibility for the content of those sites.

 Your right to cancel:
 Congratulations for making it this far! So, you've called us, we've visited you, we've quoted for the work and you presumably have  accepted our quote. Now feel like changing your mind? No problem. The law says you have 14 days to do it and we invite you to ring  us if you have any concerns. If you want to read all the legal jargon, please feel free to research it online. Remember, we're there to  'help' you, not hinder you.

 Turtle Productions may revise these Terms and Conditions at any time by updating this page.
 Our last revision was 5 January 2015.

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